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stage Racz/Colombo/Canuti du 6 au 11 avril 2015 à Muri (Suisse)


Arrival        Sunday, April 05, 2015
Classes        Monday, April 06, to Saturday, April 11, 2015
Departure   Sunday, April 12, 2015

Target group
Advanced music students and professional musicians may register for tmm.  The classes will focus, e.g., on technical basics, solo literature and/or preparation for auditions. Participants are free to choose their individual focus.  

Course Fees
The fees for the Masterclasses are CHF 600.-, including organsisation, administration, piano accompaniment etc.
In addition, every participant will receive a free ticket for the All Stars Concert on April 11, 2015.The course fees do not include room and board.

There are 30 places per instrument. Closing date: January 31, 2015


Each participant will receive four classes, with one class with each of the three tutors for their instrument. Participants will be informed about the time of their first lesson around three weeks after registration close on Jan. 31, 2015. Please plan to arrive well in time before your first class.
All classes are open to the public.
By registering for tmm, participants expressly accept that all classes and concerts may be recorded and disseminated, likewise they accept the transfer of all recording rights to tmm.

The paritcipants choose their repertoire themselves. No more than three works and additional orchestra parts will be accepted.
Course management must be informed about the chosen repertoire with the application.

There will be a limited number of practise rooms available to the participants.
The managament does not provide an activity program for the students outside of their scheduled classes. Students are expected to asume full responsibility for their daily activities.

Tmm will organize a reasonably priced lunch during the cours week. Futher information will follow.
A list of restaurants and important addresses an be downloaded here.

Participants are responsible for organizing their accomodation themselves.

Bed and Breakfast in Muri
and surrounding areas
Hotels in Muri and surroundings
Künstlerhaus Boswil

Travel Infomation
Muri, AG can be easily reached by public transportation.

Swiss Train Schedules
General plan of location 
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